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The first year student will spend time in general studies learning the essentials of the Bible, doctrine, and ministry.

First Year Classes

  • Introduction to Biblical Studies

    This course is designed to prepare students for the online Biblical Studies experience at The Rock Bible College. Students have opportunities to develop and strengthen the skills necessary to succeed as online students in the E-Learning Program. Emphasis is placed on utilizing the tools and features of MyTRBC, a web-based centralized integrated staff and student database for online student success.

  • Biblical Interpretation and Application

    Using the Foundations of Pentecostal Theology as our text, students will study how the scriptures came from the heart and mind of God, through the hands of human beings, and into our lives. The Hebrew-Greek Study Bible will enable students to examine specific words in their original meaning so that they can more fully understand what God is saying. Additional resources will include cross-references, Bible dictionaries, maps, computer software and other research tools. The goal is for students to become excited about the Word of God so that they can apply it in their own lives and then effectively share this Truth with a lost and dying world.

  • Blood Covenant

    Throughout the Bible God refers to His covenant. This course will define what a covenant is as well as discuss the new covenant realities for every believer.

  • Cardiology

    A study of David from God’s Word; God describes King David as “A man after His own heart.” How can this be when David made so many mistakes? How important is the heart? It is everything! God’s ways must come from the heart. This course answers these critical questions and provides instruction for a successful Christian life.

  • Church History

    The course provides a brief overview of the history of the Christian Church from its inception in the book of Acts, continuing through the dark ages, and into the Reformation, concluding with current developments of the Modern Church.

  • Christology

    This course is designed to introduce the basic biblical doctrines concerning the identity of the Lord Jesus Christ; with particular emphasis on His Deity, His pre-existence, His relationship to the other members of the Trinity, the Virgin Birth and the Incarnation. Consideration will also be given to the divine and human aspects of His nature, as well as exploration of the accomplishments in His death, burial, and resurrection, His ascension, and present day ministry.

  • Doctrine of God and Man

    This class provides students with a basic understanding of Anthropology the study of humanity and its origins and Biblical Theology the understanding of scripture in light of biblical history.

  • Doctrine of Sin & Salvation

    Students will learn what the Bible says about sin, where it came from and how God deals with sin. Including in-depth study on the biblical answer for sin “salvation,” how God through His great love has made a way for all mankind to be saved.

  • Financial Biblical Stewardship

    This course is designed to explore the meaning of true biblical stewardship and prosperity with an emphasis in financial stewardship.

  • Foundations of Faith

    In this course, the student will learn from the scriptures what faith actually is and the spiritual laws that cause faith to work in their life. Hebrews 11:6 says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

  • Ministry of Healing

    This course is designed to introduce to the student to what the Bible says regarding the subject of Healing. Special attention will be given to answering the question, “Is it God’s will for all to be healed?”

  • New Testament Survey

    This course provides a brief overview of the Gospels, the Acts, and the Epistles, with special attention to God’s overarching purpose in history, the ministry of Jesus, the growth and oversight of the Church, and His ways with His people.

  • Old Testament Survey 101

    An introductory survey of the first half of the Old Testament with particular emphasis on the Hebrew people, their nation, a brief overview of the Law (Torah: Gen. – Deut.), and the History (Former Prophets: Joshua – 2 Samuel).

  • Old Testament Survey 102

    This course provides an introductory survey of the Old Testament with particular emphasis on the Historical Books, Poetical Books, and the Major and Minor Prophets (Joshua – Malachi).

  • Principles of Prayer

    This course covers the nature and principles of prayer, and prayer as ministry in the church. It addresses God’s purposes in prayer, connecting to the heart of God in the secret place, the agony and ecstasy of intercession, fasting, praying with the authority of the blood covenant, spiritual warfare, corporate prayer, and increasing intercessors for more effective ministry, both on and off the Church campus.

  • The Holy Spirit & His Anointing

    During this course, students will take an in-depth look at what the Bible teaches on the Person of the Holy Spirit and His anointing in and upon the life of the believer and minister.

  • Understanding Biblical Authority

    This course will provide students with an understanding of the authorities God has placed in the Christian’s life. We can never truly be an effective leader until we have learned to be a faithful follower. We can never be an adequate authority until we have learned to submit to authority. Once we understand submission and authority, we will then discover the God given authority He has given us to exercise over the devil.

Upon successful completion of the first year curriculum, students will embrace and be inspired by the second year curriculum which has a special focus on the development of ministry leaders in specific areas of ministry such as Children, Youth, Women, Praise and Worship, Apologetics and much more...

Second Year Classes

  • Apologetics

    This course shows how common sense and critical thinking agree with the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith in the face of denials by worldly religions and the philosophical assumptions of current Western thought, including secular humanism, scientific naturalism, and “new age.” It will focus on why we believe what we believe, why we reject opposing worldviews, the nature of God, the “problem of evil,” the reliability of the Bible, the uniqueness and finality of Jesus Christ, and will address how to overcome intellectual roadblocks to trusting and obeying the God of the Bible.

  • Biblical Counseling

    This course provides an overview of theological and biblical training necessary for Biblical Counseling and how the counselor’s approach to the basic elements and principles of biblical counseling; communication, reconciliation, discipline, behavioral problems, and confronting sin, are used in everyday life.

  • Children’s Ministry

    In this course, examines what the Bible says about ministering to children and then explore the different tools and techniques used to accomplish the goal of instilling a foundation of faith within each child.

  • Office of the Pastor

    This class focuses on the nuts and bolts of effective Christian leadership and addresses some of the critical topics, skills, and complex issues commonly faced by ministry leaders. Students develop a leadership development plan for themselves and learn to look at themselves the way God sees them.

  • Christian Worldview

    This course will give students a biblical perspective on some of the tough issues that face society today. After completing this course students should be able to use scriptures and biblical insight to speak intelligently when confronted with issues of abortion, the death penalty, homosexuality, and euthanasia to name a few. Group discussion and critical thinking during each class regarding these issues will prove thought provoking and enlightening.

  • Doctrine of Angels

    In this course student are guided through a study of angels and demons; their assignments, power, position, and the implications of their activity on people’s lives. This class also clearly defines the truth of the position, victory, and authority of the believer over demonic powers and Satan.

  • Doctrine of Grace

    This class provides students with a basic understanding of Anthropology the study of humanity and its origins and Biblical Theology the understanding of scripture in light of biblical history.

  • Eschatology

    This course is about Jesus and His teachings on His second coming, His parables, His bride-and-groom analogy, His revelation to John. In addition to what bible teaches about the signs of the times, key end-time events, end-time harvest, including the tribulation, rapture, millennium, resurrections, judgments, heaven, and hell.

  • Homiletics

    This is an introductory class and lab that equips students to present their life message and a gospel message appropriately. It is not a class to learn how to preach since many students do not plan to have a pulpit ministry. However, all students need to be ready to offer or present a message when the opportunity presents itself. This course will cover the basic structure of a sermon, the condition of the messenger and the consideration of the audience. Students will have the opportunity to present a message in class and be evaluated by their peers.

  • Methods of Evangelism

    He who wins souls is wise the Bible declares. This course is designed to impart wisdom in soul winning by covering a wide spectrum of evangelism strategies. These strategies range from large crusade campaigns to church planting. Strong evidence will be presented as to why church planting is the most effective method of evangelism and different ways of planting churches will be examined. This course is designed to stir in every student a passion for the harvest and to teach them different ways to reach people for Christ.

  • Ministry of Excellence & Helps

    This course is intended to develop an understanding and attitude that will awaken the students desire to learn more about serving, become God’s servants, and to do the work of the ministry. The goal of this course is to: produce great supportive ministers that serve the body of Christ with excellence.

  • Ministry Gifts and Callings

    During this course, students will examine what the Bible teaches on the Ministry gifts set in the Church by the Lord Jesus Christ, as listed in Ephesians 4:11. Students will also study other references to the five-fold ministry gifts, other ministry callings mentioned in the New Testament and the gifts of the Spirit that equip the believer in these callings.

  • Good Works & Inner City Ministry

    This class takes the student beyond the walls of the church and shows how God wants to use Christians according to Matthew 25:33. Students will learn how to live with and minister to people facing the unimaginable and how we as ministers of the Gospel need to address the vital work of the church in the city.

  • The King and His Kingdom 101

    This class designed to introduce the student to the King, His rule, His reign, His kingdom law, His Kingdom mission and the family of the Kingdom of Heaven. In this class students will study the King as Messiah Lord, His reign, the power that extends from His throne and His rule; the laws, characteristics and basic concepts and principles of His Kingdom.

  • The King and His Kingdom 102

    This class is designed to explore the parables of Jesus in the Bible and the importance and relevance of what He taught and its application to Kingdom living for us today.

  • Real Christianity

    This class will attempt to answer the question, “What is Christianity?” Students in this class will be given the opportunity to learn and refresh their understanding of what God has done for them. Students will learn what it means to be real Christians in our heart and life as well as being a witness of the love of God to everyone they meet.

  • Women in Ministry

    In this class students will gain an understanding of the Biblical view of women in ministry, with special attention to God’s order in Creation, women’s leadership in Scripture, Paul’s controversial writings about women in the first century church, and Jesus and women.

  • Youth Ministry

    This course will teach the basic understanding of ministering to teens and youth. Topics discussed will include communicating to teens, developing the basics of youth ministry infrastructure, the importance of ministering to teens and students, and provide insight on current youth culture.

Each The Rock Bible College student will gain valuable assets and learn much about their own talents and ministry motivation as they move through this comprehensive two year program. It is our desire to lay a solid foundation for each student so they will be successful and effective in their particular sphere of influence.

Licensing and Ordination
The Rock Bible College is not a licensing and ordination agency. Licensing ordination of individuals for ministry is subject to the churches and denominations to which they belong. Upon completion of applicable program coursework, students are not granted certification for positions within The Rock Church And World Outreach Center or any other organization.